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We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit, no-kill animal shelter dedicated to providing a safe haven for homeless pets until they can be placed in responsible, loving homes.

Happy Tails

Over the past few years, HELP has placed thousands of animals in loving homes. Some were easy to place, others were harder, and of those, some have a story to tell that we'd like to share.

Harley & Toni

Harley Toni

After Thomas was killed in May 2001, we said no more pets. However as fall came John decided we should probably get another cat. So in October 2001, we went to visit the Help Shelter. After looking at all of the pets, we decided on two cats. They were in the same cage, no relation, and about 6 months old. Harley is a black and white Bowtie, and Toni is a Tortishell. They were having a lot of fun playing together, and we decided it would not be fair to take one and not the other. We brought them home, and Toni hid under John’s workbench for awhile, and finally I coaxed her out and took her upstairs to the family room. By nine p.m. she was on the sofa making herself at home. They are always at the door to greet you when you come home.

Harley Toni Erma

Cats are very smart, and they make very good company and especially if you live alone. After John died we had a problem, since there was only one lap to sit in, but it has been solved. They seem to know if you need some tender loving care. They are now almost 12 years old, and we have a good time together. - Ermaback to top



"I can remember when Megan came into the shelter as a stray. She was wild, unruly and had obviously been abused. She was terrified of having the leash hooked to her collar and we felt sure she was beaten while somebody held her leash.. As a result of her behavior, a lot of people shied away from her and she did not receive a lot of attention in the shelter from visitors. I could see in her soulful eyes that she was a great dog and just needed somebody to understand her.


I started working with her and after a period of time, she learned to trust me and we had a special bond together. I would take her out on day trips with me and that is when she finally blossomed into the the great dog I knew she was.
I am so thankful for the Cox family for giving her a second chance in life. Megan is now in her forever home with a family." - Jayne Knox

We adopted Meghan Jayne, as we now call her, from Help The Animals on October 6, 2012. I am completely amazed that no one had adopted her in a whole year, as we were told she had been at the shelter since she was about six months old and she’s now a year and a half old. She is the best dog, more than I hoped for.

I saw Meghan on the website originally and went to meet her a total of three times before we adopted on the third trip. She is a joy, the funniest dog I’ve ever had and that includes several huskies, who are pretty funny themselves.


Meg is a greyhound/pitt mix. She is very exuberant with other dogs and almost puppylike at times, but she loves people to death. She will lean on you, fall asleep against your leg, lay behind you, on top of you and anywhere else she can get!

She has a new sister, which is our three year old black lab mix, Baby Girl. They had a rocky first two days but since then it’s been nonstop sister love as they wrestle, bark, run, and sleep together or within eyeshot of one another. Meghan is very jealous and you have to be firm with her around other dogs as she likes to be the boss, but once she understands the person is the boss, not her, she settles right down.


I don’t know why it took so long for her to find a home, but I am grateful to Jayne and all the volunteers at HELP that took the time to care for her, walk her, and play with her because you can tell she was well taken care of in her year at the shelter.

Everyone should understand the HELP does so many great things for these unwanted dogs, and the people are the best. I am grateful we have such a loving shelter in the area. And so is Miss Meghan Jayne! -Triney Cox on behalf of the Cox family - Economy, Indianaback to top



I remember when I received the call asking me if I would foster a kitten, for a short while, and as I was driving to the shelter, I remember thinking to myself, "I'm not a "cat person", why did I say I would do this... I know nothing about cats". I met with the kennel manager, Michelle, she said, "you are going to love this kitten, she is a talker". What......what does talker mean? We loaded everything up supplies in the car with the kitten and I headed home. The kitten meowed all the way home and I instantly realized what Michelle meant by a talker....ha ha ha.

When we entered my house she immediately went up to my nine year old Chihuahua, Spike, and began meowing at him. Spike just looked at me and I know he thought "what has my mom brought into the house"! The kitten ran around the house discovering all the new hiding places and all the fun things she could get into, meowing the entire time.


She didn't even have a name yet. What would I name her? I thought on it for a few days and then it came to me. Ping will be her name because she bounces around the house like a ping pong ball. It was the most perfect name ever!!

Ping became one of the family members immediately. She sleeps with Spike and I, she talks to me on a daily basis, she loves to go outside with Spike, lounge on the couch watching tv, and loves to eat cheese with us. I never thought I could love a cat the way I love Ping. I can not imagine living life without her. She has officially been adopted and is now a member of the family.


Recently, I was asked to take a kitten home to foster that was brought in to HELP. Ping has taken Tyson under her wings and they are best buddies. Ping is a true blessing. - Whitney Robertsonback to top



Abner was abandoned at the shelter one cold March morning. When the staff came in to work, there was this dog bouncing around in the play yard, as if he had been waiting all morning for us to come out and play! He absolutely adored children, and light up whenever they came by, pulling at the leash to go and play with them but those times were few and far between.

Jayne Knox (a volunteer at that time) took Abner under her wing, and took him out on car rides and new adventurous walks often because Abner did not do well in the shelter. He really needed to be with people, and if left alone would pant and drool making him a less desireable candidate for adoption, continuing the spiral of his depression. Abner's kennel behavior and his appearance (a big black dog) made his stay at the shelter a very long one, over a year in fact. Jayne knew with all her heart though, that Abner was destined for something great and took it upon herself to take him to obedience classes which he passed with flying colors and then went on to Cincinnati Children's Hospital where he passed his therapy dog training as well. Jayne even tried to place him in a working dog program, but alas, Abner was too old, they wanted puppies.


One day things changed for Abner and the perfect match for him came, saw him fell in love with him and adopted him. Abner was home, really home, and we couldn't have been happier that the family really loved and cared for him the way it was meant to be!

"It has been 10 months since Abner came into our lives. It was love at first sight when we met him at Help The Animals. Abner is by far the most amazing dog I have ever known. He's protective of his family, but also gentle enough to be cuddled up to a newborn baby.


Abner is truly one of a kind and we are so thankful to have him in our family. The boys and I love him more and more everyday (if that's even possible lol). Next to having my two little boys, adopting Abner has been the most amazingly beautiful experience I've ever had. Jaeden, Nicholas, and Abner are inseparable. They are my Three Amigos :)"
-Name Neededback to top

Pretty Girl

To all the "Angels" at HELP the Animals... Hi, This is "Pretty Girl", just wanted to let you all know how happy I am in my forever home. (Thank You Wendy)

My favorite mom tells everyone, she loves watching me run all over the house and having me curl up with her while she reads or watches TV. We were meant to be together.

She tells me her son is going to build a really cool stand so I can do my bird watching and see the squirrels chasing others up and down the trees. Life is good!

We will continue to pray for many more adoptions. In return they will give all, in their "forever home", lot's of unconditional love. - Lots of Love "Angels", "Pretty Girl" & my forever momback to top