Help the Animals, Inc.

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit, no-kill animal shelter dedicated to providing a safe haven for homeless pets until they can be placed in responsible, loving homes.

No-Kill Animal Shelter in Richmond Indiana

Please visit our facility at 2101 West Main Street, Richmond, Indiana. You just might find the friend you've been looking for and the opportunity to enrich many lives, including your own!

The Building

The building is older and always in need of repair and upkeep, but we somehow keep it going with determination and our pure love of the animals.

Originally the building was a truck repair shop which was retrofitted to accomodate our needs. The big open space had the ideal area with high ceilings, cement floor and walls to house our kennels. The building uses gas heat, with 1 large open kennel area in the back and 4 closed rooms. 2 of the rooms are used as medical and isolation rooms, one serves us now as a training/visitation room while the last serves as our Lobby with administrative office, open air cat cages and small dog/puppy cages.

The Lobby

The lobby is an inviting area filled with commotion on any given day. As soon as people enter they are greeted by our puppies and small dogs who have a knack for stealing the visitors hearts. As soon as they enter, they will notice something different about our facility. They are allowed to interact with all of the critters with our Open Paw Training program. Visitors are encouraged to hand-feed kibble to our residents and in return desensitize them to new people.

Open Air Cat Cages

cat cage

Our approved cats are housed in 8 open air colonies to relieve the stress of isolation and allow the public to interact directly with them. More socialization and interaction with people is a great way to enrich their lives while waiting for their permanent homes here at the shelter. The cat colonies are on wheels and have many little shelves and hideaways for the cats and kittens to lay or play on.

cat cage

Visitors are encouraged to come and play with our cats but please supervise children at all times and sanitize your hands before entering another cattery cage.

Indoor Dog Kennels

inddor kennels

Our Medium and large dog population is housed in the back portion of the building and we have 2 different types. For larger dogs, we aquired 4' x 10' lifted kennels with drains 20+ years ago. These kennels can be partitioned to create 2 separate kennels in an emergency or when we have the funds to increase our population. The medium sized kennels are 3' x 6' and are separated by concrete block. Currently there are 29 in total.

indoor kennels

Visitors are also encouraged to participate in the Open Paw training program for the medium and larger dog population as well. This serves 2 purposes; the animals get desensitized to new people approaching their kennels and visitors learn about kennel behavior or possibly meet their new adoptive dog. If a visitor is interested in interacting with a dog for possible adoption, we let them have one-on-one time in the visitation room or outside in one of the play yards, away from other distractions.

Isolation Rooms

Our isolation rooms are equipt with several polysterene cages to prevent new intakes and sick animals from contaminating our resident populations. In these areas there are no visitors allowed without approval. We take animal health very seriously and promote a strict protocol to prevent the spread of disease.

Visitation/Training Room

In our visitation room, potential adopters have a quiet area to interact with dogs and cats who they are interested in adopting. This gives them a chance to interact and bond with their potential new pet.

The visitation room also serves as a time-out room where a dog can rest and not be disturbed by the loud noises associated in the kennel area and also as a level 3 training room. This gives them a chance to be in a stress free in an environment while volunteers work on behaviors like how to greet new people or when the weather is bad outside.

Outdoor Kennels

outdoor kennels

We have two areas for outdoor kennels. Twice daily, our dogs run in excercize kennels outside, which allows staff to clean the indoor kennels and the dogs are able to have sunshine and fresh air run through their fur while stretching their legs. These kennels have cement bases, aluminum roofs and dog houses to protect against the elements.

Outdoor Play Yards

play yard

We were blessed recently with additional property donated by the town of Richmond. This property is where we now have 2 play yards where volunteers can train and play with dogs. We often have doggie play groups that are supervised so that our critters can learn to get along with other dogs and well, just be dogs. In the summer time you can almost always see them in kiddie pools or playing frisbee with our level 3 and 4 volunteers.

puppy play yard

We also encourage potential adopters to bring any dogs they may have in their home to interact with a dog they are interested in adopting. This gives the dogs nuetral territory to meet their possible new sisters and brothers.