Help the Animals, Inc.

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit, no-kill animal shelter dedicated to providing a safe haven for homeless pets until they can be placed in responsible, loving homes.

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Adoption Fees

Because HELP the Animals runs completely on donations and adoption fees, we try to keep our fees as low as possible while also keeping our doors open. Our fees do not vary based on pure or mixed breed status. They are as follows and puppies and kittens are considered up to 4 months old:

Cats: $50
Kittens: $75
Dogs: $95
Puppies: $120

Some of our dogs and cats have their "adoption fee sponsored", meaning someone has paid their adoption fee already in hopes that the particular dog or cat will find a home faster. They have been overlooked or the person fell in love and just could not adopt themselves. These dogs and cats have "adoption sponsored" or "adoption fee sponsored" attached to their name.

Adoption Process

You must have an approved application to adopt a pet from HELP

  1. Fill out an application online or at the shelter. Please call if you have not heard from us in 48 hours (Tuesday through Saturday).
  2. Come in and meet our furry residents: 2101 W. Main street, Richmond, Indiana.
  3. After you recieve confirmation of approval, you are free to choose an animal to adopt. Your appliccation will be on file for one month.

We do not "hold" animals for more than 3 days without a full adoption. Many people have been no shows while the animal is overlooked for another without "adoption pending" on its kennel.

When adopting from HELP, your animal is:

Up to date on all of their vaccinations*

You will be given your animals medical records when the adoption is finalized. Animals over four months have usually received both their rabies and viral vaccinations, which should be boostered once a year. Animals under four months may require additional vaccinations as determined by a licensed veterinarian, and these are the adopter's responsibility.

*Rabies shots are administered every 3 months at the shelter, please ask about the specific animal's rabies vaccination if the animal has been at the shelter for less than 3 months.

Spayed or Nuetered

HELP the Animals has a 100% spay/neuter out-the-door policy, meaning that your animal must be altered before an adoption is finalized. Surgeries are performed through our local partners, and most animals are spayed or neutered before being presented to the public for adoption. With some younger animals, the adoption may be postponed for a few days until the animal can be altered.

Special Programs:


When adopting a pet, we at HELP the Animals are firm believers that having more than one provides many benefits to both the animal and the owner. Having two animals provides a situation in which the animals are consistently exposed to each other, and there is less of a problem introducing others into the situation (cats, dogs, babies, family members, etc.). Another benefit is that the animal has a partner, and is not lonely when the family is gone. The cost of adopting two cats is $90, a dog and a cat is $125, and two dogs together is $150.

Jayne's Angels

Often animals come to us because they require some kind of special care. Cats that can be considered special needs may be so because they are positive for FIV, FeLV or FIP, need to be fed a special diet, or have some physical disability. These cats should be marked on our website, and also at and Please consider taking one of our angels into your home! Fill out a foster application online or call us up, tell us who you are interested in, and ask about the Angel's program.